las vegas tours

Tours & Activities

In Las Vegas it is possible to tour not only the Las Vegas Strip, but also other treasures of the southwest such as the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam. There are helicopter and 4x4 Jeep tours as well. Strip tours by helicopter are a great way to get the best possible views (and photographs) of the Las Vegas Strip. Some tours will even provide a complimentary glass of champagne to tourists.

Of course, for adventure seekers who don’t take easily to the air, 4x4 Jeep tours and ATV tours through the desert may be an exciting option. Off road through the Mojave in Red Rock, Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, or to the state line of California.

One of the most popular tour destinations from Las Vegas is Hoover Dam, and in conjunction, Lake Mead. A bus can take you out and around the Hoover Dam/Lake Mead area for a fun day full of sight-seeing.

Another terrifically popular destination is the Grand Canyon. Tourists can hop one a bus to the Grand Canyon west rim or Grand Canyon south rim tours, or take a Hummer tour out, or even take a helicopter tour. Many of the tours also stop at additional interesting locations such as Hoover Dam, or go through the Joshua Tree National Forest in Arizona.

Closer to home, Red Rock Canyon constantly holds arms open to visitors with trails to be hiked. Further, equestrians can ride from rim to rim or just along the trails.

As you can see, there are myriad tours operating in and around Vegas. There is even an Alien Adventure tour to area 51. Between air, land, and lake, there are tour choices of which everyone can partake. The opportunities truly are endless in Las Vegas tours.