Location – 2801 Westwood Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89109, (702) 257-3030
Hours of operation : 4 p.m. – 6 a.m., Thursday – Sunday. 4 p.m. – 9 a.m., Friday – Saturday.
The Ladies : It’s as if some kind of angelic treasure chest has just been opened…
Dances : $20.
Music : Variety of all kinds of music.

If you are looking for a unique gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas, then Treasures is perfect for you. Dubbed as the world’s most expensive strip club, the prolific and outlandish exterior may give you an impression that you are in an Italian fancy place, plus the interior which looks very expensive.

As you enter the building, you can see a giant staircase leading to the luxurious VIP area. It is surrounded by classical erotic art and statues. The main room will definitely bring comfort to the guests since it is designed like a wide living room, but with the main stage as the focal point of the area. Regulars would describe the stage is one of the most astonishing strip club stages in the city.

Adding perfection to the stage is their fantasy-themed gear. The poles are neon colored and the stage is set with wind and fog machines. The girls give their all when performing for the guests. Not only that, they look very great as well.treasures-gentlemens-club-steakhouse

What’s great about Treasures is that they do not take full priority on the girls, but also the amenities they have to offer the guests. One of them is the way they serve their food. They surely make the dining experience a pleasurable one. That is why Treasures dubs itself as “The Most Luxurious Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse in the World”. With a wide selection of menu and buffet style food, the club serves to a lot of corporate events, bachelor parties, and a lot more occasions which require great venue and great food combined.treasures-gentlemens-club-steakhouse-las-vegas

From the menu of the steakhouse, you can see the diversity of the food items. It ranges from salads, soups, appetizers, desserts and main courses. You can say that the food served in the club is really high-end because the taste will never compromise the price. Furthermore, you will not be disappointed with your every dining experience in the club. Also, you will appreciate the exquisite decoration of the dining room and the plush seating. Plus, you are given the opportunity to enjoy the view of the entertainers while you dine, or you could abstain if you want to.

Cigar lovers will also love Treasures as they serve the most perfect and high-end varieties of cigars in the world. You will also love to have fancy strawberries dipped in chocolate. To make your night a memorable one, you can opt to avail of the club’s VIP and dinner packages, skyboxes, Venus Lounge and Apollo Room.

Treasures Las Vegas is often said that to be one of the most exclusive and expensive gentlemen’s clubs in the world. The clubs packages are very varied according to your budget and according to your needs at reasonable prices. The packages start at $40 to $270. Dances start at $20, You will not regret having a dance since the ladies really look good. All the products may be pricey with your Treasures experience, but you will surely come back for more.