Glitter Gulch

Glitter Gulch Las Vegas

The only downtown Las Vegas strip club is back. After a $3.5 million renovation, Glitter Gulch has finally reopened and they have a lot of promises to keep. The size of the club was basically reduced, but it won’t be an issue at all. The club assures that you will have a good time.

If you are staying in downtown Las Vegas and just want to lie low on the partying, you might as well just chill in this place. Unlike the other strip clubs Vegas has to offer, Glitter Gulch is not as flashy, and they just focus on you having a good time in their hands. There are over 20 semi-circular lounge tables complemented by hanging lamps with the perfect reddish glow. This way, you will surely enjoy the view of every lap dance you will be able to get.

The club also showcases a central bar stage which serves like a catwalk for the sensual and erotic gorgeous ladies. Then you should check out the distinct themes of their solo dance performances. These gorgeous ladies work the poles on the piano-shaped, executive, and blackjack platforms to give the patrons a perfect close-up view.

glitter gulch

Despite the strip club’s size, it has a lot of comfortable mini-booths for the customers to lounge in. This way, you can enjoy a little intimate time with your friends and the girls of your choice, and host a mini-party! There really is nothing that special about this club, but the friendly and gorgeous girls will definitely keep you entertained.

Glitter Gulch is open daily from 1pm to 4am. The cover price is $20 with a two-drink minimum. The drinks are priced at $7 to $9. The downside in this club is that there is no food served, so before heading here, you might want to stop by a restaurant and eat first. There are no reservations required in getting in, walk in customers are very much welcome. The dress code is casual, but it has limitation. No sweatpants, no jerseys, no flip-flops, no sandals, no opened shoes and no tank tops allowed.

glitter gulch

For the female customers, you will not be intimidated because the girls here are very friendly and cheerful. Many couples tend to pass by this area and enter the building just out of curiosity. So, if ever you happen to be in the area, this place is definitely worth visiting.