Discreet Strip Club Las Vegas

Hours of operation: Open daily 8 p.m.-4 a.m.
Cover price: Information not yet available.
Payment info: Cash and all major credit cards.
The Ladies: All ranges – from gorgeous to not really.
Skin Factor: Topless.
Dances: $20.
Music: Top 40, dance and rock.
Food: No.
ATM: Yes.
Atmosphere: Discreet, looks more a like a hip lounge with a bit of poolside cabana sprinkled in. The girls aren’t overly friendly, but aren’t pushy either.
Parking : Club offers both valet and self parking.
Special Events: Special parties are held occasionally.

Discreet Las Vegas may most probably be the most controversial gentlemen’s club in town. Formerly known as Minxx, they had to re-launch in 2010 as a new club due to legal issues they had to face. The management and staff were changed, and the party scene was definitely revamped, but one thing still stays the same. Everything that happens stays discreet in this club.

dicreet las vegas

Now this is the part where you ask why. There is a reason why this strip club is called Discreet. Unlike other clubs, the staff strictly imposes a no camera, no cell phone policy. Aside from that, even though Discreet is very active in PR and advertising, they make sure that once the customers are inside the premises, they are very secure and their privacy is taken care of. Bouncers will monitor everyone that wishes to enter the club but will also control who gets in. You will also see that the design and the amenities of the strip club are not as eccentric as the other ones. There is a usual notion that a strip club is always over the top. Well, Discreet isn’t one of them, but that doesn’t mean that the club does not have a unique factor. The main stage is situated downstairs to maintain a perfect view of the girls.

discreet strip club

Now let’s move to the girls. The ratio of the girls depends upon the number of people in the club for the night. You can see that there will be at least one lady having some fun per table. In case of exclusive events, like a bachelor party, there will be at least one lady per gentleman. There may be a huge portion of good-looking ladies in this club but you should also consider the ordinary-looking ones. They actually prove to be good performers too. Almost every girl in this club possesses extreme skills on the brass pole. They may even remind you of the high-end Cirque du Soleil performers!

discreet strip club Las Vegas

The target market of Discreet is the executive class. You can obviously see it in the interior of the club because everything says clean, elegant and polished. The ladies won’t attack or hustle you in this club, because they are the sophisticated type as well!
If you want your Discreet experience taken to the next level, you might want to avail of their private booths. As of now, there are two intimate, cabana-like booths downstairs. You may also want to go upstairs as more VIP rooms await you. These are rooms with glass doors that usually change their themes at least every three months. They never fail to get you excited and leave you craving for more.
Discreet is open daily from 8pm to 4am. Call in advance and you can have your desired table, bottle and entertainer waiting for you. You can also make your wildest fantasies come true as your favorite entertainer may be in the costume you choose. The VIP hosts will wait for you at the door, and you can choose to use the front or the back door.