Club Paradise

Club Paradise Las Vegas

Located just across the Las Vegas Hard Rock hotel, Club Paradise is one of the most high end strip clubs in the city. It is distinct from all the other gentlemen’s club because of its elite feel. What makes the club upscale is their fine wine selection, cigar bar and premium spirits. You can also choose from over a hundred entertainers offering a wide range of female dancers who always manage to keep the guests interested and the night staying young. That is just a bonus, since the women in this club are definitely a gorgeous bunch.
Apart from showcasing some of the most captivating women in adult entertainment, the club also has a variety of theme nights and competitions to make things more fun-filled and to give the customers more reasons to be regular patrons.

Club Paradise Las Vegas

• Monday nights, for example, are those for men who love watching football while seeing beautiful women dance in front of them. Aside from that, they keep the excitement in a constant high with their $3 beers, eat-all-you-can specials, free admission for the local customers, $10 lap dances, raffles with interesting prizes and especially the football games playing on wide television screens.

• On Wednesdays, they give pride and honor to their locals and industry professionals. For them, the club offers any liquor bottle of their choice for just $100.

The club features an exquisite main showroom just like any other high-end club in the locality. What makes it different is the number of dance poles being showcased in the stage. Comfort is ensured with the dark colored plush seating, giving the club a more polished feel.
The main stage inside this showroom is positioned in such a way that it is very easy to see from just about anywhere in the club. They also guarantee that the sexiest dancers are surrounding you from everywhere.

There are two bars in the club – one in the main showroom and another in the VIP room offering the most high-end drinks you could have in Las Vegas. Drinks are perfect with girls, we all know that. Everyone can groove to the music with its Top 40 and dance selections.
Did we already say that Club Paradise has the most gorgeous dancers in town? They make sure that dancers perform on three stages every night. The club promises that the dancers are very skillful and can perform intricate dance moves without being actually trashy and sleazy. Class is still maintained, as they say. What sets them apart from other dancers in town is that they are actually very friendly. During breaks, they mingle with the guests and can offer dances without being pushy, rude and one-sided.

Club Paradise still maintains its high-end reputation after over 15 years in the business. It has never disappointed its regular customers. On the other hand, it should always be taken into context that rudeness is not tolerated in this club. Also, since the events are highly renowned in the area, reservations are encouraged.