Sin City


November 25th, 2010


With so much to offer even the most degenerate straight folks, you’d expect Sin City to offer the gay demographic the same “sinful opportunities” as our swinging, pandering, hetero counterparts. Yet as a “girl4girl” living in Las Vegas, I’m sad to report that the gay club scene is surprisingly, well, pathetic. Granted, we don’t have as many homo’s per capita as L.A. or San Francisco, but even Palm Springs’ gay scene kicks our ass! For a town that stays ahead of the curve with “what’s hot” and “who’s got the cash”, I’m just surprised it hasn’t tapped into the 50 plus billion dollars a year spent by the LGBT community. Isn’t it obvious that “We’re Money, and We’re Ready to Party?”

Not that the venues in the “Fruit Loop” don’t deserve props–I’m glad we have any gay-friendly clubs here at all–but the caliber is sub-par. Those of us who want cutting-edge sound and lighting, or a swanky, ultra lounge atmosphere have to go elsewhere to find it. Once there, you can forget about grinding with the eye-candy of your choice without some fratwad making rude comments. The difference is, when I go out clubbin’, I want to see more girl4girl representation than some drunk sorority girl making out with her friend or two coked-out strippers doing it for money.

Okay, enough bitching already, I just had to get that out. Now, for some really good news: A brand new Alternative dance club has opened on The Strip! It’s called KRAVE, but they should have named it “ASAP”, because if we don’t get there fast, you know it won’t last. Now, the word “alternative” can mean many things (leather and St. Andrew’s crosses come to mind), but the point is, the “Family & Friends of Dorothy” have a new place to guzzle Red Bull Vodka’s, bust out those tired glow sticks, and shake our asses. Hope to see you there!

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