Stag Weekends

I’ve just discovered something about Strippers. Now, whether you want some top totty action on your Las Vegas Stag Do or not, (and I know that future Brides DO NOT LIKE stags going to lapdancing clubs or strip joints), but if you are thinking of including some adult entertainment for the Las Vegas stags, you MUST take heed of my advice, otherwise it can get very messy.

las vegas stag do

You and I do not want any of the guys getting into hot water, particularly with wives and girlfriends!

This day and age, you really must be careful what to organise, especially where alcohol and strippers are concerned.

You DO NOT have to include Strippers, but if you think your group would like to (and 69.6% of Stags do), then follow my advice, and you will be OK.

Your Vegas hook ups will ensure you can avoid all the pitfalls if you want to include some “adult” fun into proceedings. There are ways to do it, or there is her way of doing it, which is safer, cheaper and far more entertaining, and your group will thank you for it – even those in your group who’d rather not, but will for the sake of the Stag Las Vegas.

Don’t make the same mistake (below) that one of our customers made when he decided not to book with Vegas VIP Services, but try and do it by himself. For the purpose of this blog, and to protect those involved, he will remain nameless.

He told us about this when he planned his second Stag Weekend through Vegas VIP Services a year later, and wanted us to share this with other Stags before they arranged their weekend. Here is his email to us, telling a story about his first DIY Stag weekend without Redseven’s help.

“We decided to go to Las Vegas on my mates Stag do, and after meeting some girls out on the streets, who chatted us up and invited us to go to a club with them, we ended up their desired choice of lap dancing bar. Perfect we thought, as some of the guys had become quite friendly with these pretty girls. However, after having 3 beers (in total, not each), we were presented with a bill for close to $200 for the drinks. When we queried this, a whole group of huge bouncers appeared, and threatened extreme violence unless we paid up. One lad was frog marched to a cash point to extract the money, whilst the rest of us were held hostage.”

“We had to pay, and this totally wiped us out for the rest of the weekend. Some of the lads got a bit of a slap from a couple of the burly bouncers, and were forced to lose a fair wedge of money. They also couldn’t tell their wives or girlfriends as they had been warned about going to Strip clubs. The guy who was taken to a cash point had to lie to his partner as to why $200 had been extracted from his account, and was left with no money for the rest of the trip”

The secret to staying safe on your Stag Trip is to know which of the clubs, whether in UK, USA or Europe that are safe ,won’t rip you off, won’t charge you $50 a head just to “get out”, and importantly, won’t escort you to the cash point and empty your bank account. There are more of these than you think.

**Tip** If a pretty girl, or girls start chatting you up, who are obviously not local or just a bunch of friends, and they tempt you in the direction of a certain establishment – politely refuse. They can trick you into paying a bill JUST FOR SPEAKING TO THEM! Do not get obviously aggressive, you never know who’s watching their backs, and move you and your mates away somewhere else. I’ll show you, and pre-arrange for you to go to the Strip joints that are filled with the hottest girls, and reasonably priced drinks! So you’ll be 100% safe!!!

Sometimes these things happen in the UK as well. I’m deadly serious. Without my advice, you’re at the mercy of some pretty dodgy people.

Even if you’re NOT thinking of some “adult entertainment” for the stag party, you must eliminate yourself from any risk whatsoever. Even pranks can go wrong. I have loads of ideas for pranks you can arrange, that are safe, yet entertaining in the spirit of the stag Do in Las Vegas.

Vegas’s VIP companies will share all my expertise and experience to ensure you are responsible for a legendary stag weekend in Las Vegas for the right reasons.