Bottle Service

las vegas bottle service

Having Bottle service Las Vegas can be pricey especially in holiday weekends such as memorial day, AVN, NYE or superbowl. Fortunately, there are still a few clubs in Las Vegas where you can get a bottle service under a grand. Usually, if you want a table close to a dance floor in a above average nightclub, you have to pend at least 3K minimum, however, spending this money brings so many costly goodies for free such as no wait VIP entry, place to sit, your own coctail waitress, all the mixers, ice etc..

So how do I get a good deal on bottle service in Las Vegas? you can call one of the reputable company in Las Vegas who has deals with clubs, they will give you certain discount and you end up getting better price then nightclub, and most of the times better table as well. is one of them, there is also Vegas VIP (1800-VEGASVIP), although all these companies are doing the same thing, these two are bonded and more reliable then others. OR you can call the club yourself, unfortunately clubs are not telling the truth about the pricing on the phone, they tell you the cheapest bottle in the menu: “bottle prices start from $375.. minimum 2 bottles…” and you think ok 2×375= so I am out the door 750.. when you actually book the table, they force you to buy more bottles, force automatically charge you 20% gratuity for the coctail waitress, tax, luxury tax and more expensive bottles .. you end up paying 3-4K minimum. Calling VIP Service company will get you more realistic all inclusive quote.