Bachelor Party

Las Vegas Bachelor Party

If you are the best man or one of the attendees of your friend’s bachelor party, think twice before you volunteer to be in charge of organizing this party, it is not as easy as you think ! Although there are tons of locations to throw a bachelor party, no doubt Las Vegas is the number one destination based on its wide range bachelor party attractions.

Las Vegas Bachelor Party

So how do you organize a Las Vegas Bachelor Party ?

Before even start researching you need to talk to your friends about the average budget per person and consider average two or three people in your group will back out attending to the party, which would cause less people share the bill. Very basic bachelor party planning in Las Vegas has three attractions : dining, nightclubs, strip clubs . Of course you have so many other options but it is all about money. Now, did you know you could wait up to 3 hours in a busy Saturday night at the high end Las Vegas Nightclubs ? also, Vegas strip clubs could be costly too. There are some awesome dinner deals if you can find it such as unlimited food and alcohol, sounds good?

How about transportation? VIP limo service in Las Vegas is a must ! You need to pick a right Vegas limousine for your group, either 6 passenger economy limo or a party bus with stripper pole inside !

Now, did you know there are couple of reputable bachelor party organizers in Las Vegas who could make your job so easy and save you up to 60%! Thanks to the close relationship between Vegas VIP companies and the Las Vegas clubs they would offer you complete bachelor package deals along with a VIP host for the night who would be with you all stag night. All you need to do is to choose one of Vegas bachelor party packages of theirs or custom design your own, but most bachelor party organizers suck!, they would do fraud and don’t deliver what they have to offer, make sure to check their website carefully.

You can also check some Las Vegas Hotel deals to save on rooms at high end hotels like M, Encore (XS Nightclub), Paris, Wynn (Tryst Nightclub) or Bellagio, the key is to book as early as possible. Shows, Golfing, tours are among other bachelor party activities if you would like to be busy during your stay. If you are in Vegas during the summer, number one attraction is wild pool parties in Vegas. Check out Rehab or Tao Beach.

Here what people say about bachelor party in Vegas

Dude, you are so money and your best bud is getting married! What would Vince Vaughn do? He’d go to Vegas. None of this Tom Hanks ballyhoo with a donkey doing coke and a suicidal friend who drives a school bus. This is serious.

You’re going to Vegas with your best pals and the one guy who has to come along because he’s your buddy’s old friend from way back. Since you’re the best man, though, you have to make sure this is the best bachelor party ever. This may be the last time you get to look at a naked woman with your life-long man friend. Make it count.

Here are some places that will make it easier for you to plan the best bachelor party ever. Note that one of the great things about all of these packages is that you never have to stand in line.

Crazy Horse III
Luckily, for those who can’t figure out a great bachelor party, there are people out there who can spell out your evening for you: S-T-R-I-P C-L-U-B, B-R-O.

The third sequel to the Crazy Horse series offers 7 levels of enjoyment. The first level is free! It’s called “The Pony Ride” and includes a free limo ride, free entrance, general floor seating and up to 20 guests. The second is the “Winner’s Circle” which gets you all of the above plus a VIP table, a bottle of Skyy Vodka and three drink mixers for you and four guests.

You can also choose packages like “The Hang Over,” the “Daily Double,” “The Stud,” each offering a growing list of amenities. “Hung Like a Horse,” one of the more posh selections, is $10,000 and offers a free limo ride, a private VIP suite, one VIP backdoor access card, two bottles of Grey Goose, eight bottles of Cristal, one sushi platter, mixers and fruits. The “Triple Crown” is the most expensive package at $25,000 and offers pretty much everything mentioned already plus ten bottles of Cristal, a Rolex Yacht Master watch, a sushi platter, mixers and fruits.

For $159 a person you can do the Last Supper Package which is included: VIP host; limo to Gordon Biersch where you get a four-course meal and all you can drink beer for two hours, a limo to Sapphire strip club where you will have VIP entry plus a table. They also include a Hangover-themed deal which is $359 a person. If you’re not satisfied with any of the these packages, they offer a custom package where you can also name your price.

This place is like the wedding planner of bachelor parties. They begin with three questions: 1. How many people will you invite to the party? 2. Where do you want it? 3. How cruel and naughty do you want to be to the bachelor?

If the last one sounds a little foreign, note that the company is from Scotland. If that makes you a bit wary, at least know that Glaswegians can party hard.

The Party Like a Porn Star option is one of the more unique selections where you can pick and choose from a strip club crawl, nightclubs and after-hours clubs, a private events in your suite (Tom Hanks-style!) plus hot girls will host your event.

5. Just Wander
Choose your own adventure. Get in the car and make your party happen. If you need help, then rent Bachelor Party,  Swingers . Seriously, Vegas has been designed for easy fun. Drink, gamble go to a strip club and sleep it off the next day. Maybe a little planning and beware of cab drivers and you’ll have a great time.