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Las Vegas Nightlife is not about going to a club. waiting line and get a drink anymore, Nightlife is one of the most wanted attraction by tourists as well as locals. Nightclubs became one of the top profitable product for the multi-billion dollar hotels such as Wynn, Encore, Cosmopolitan and others, of course the new clubs has to be so much better to compete with already existed mega clubs.

Victor Drai changed the nightlife culture in Las Vegas indefinetely, he started with a small afterhours at Bill’s gambling hall then got a contract with Steve Wynn and took over a nightclub named Tryst, then opened up one 100 million dollar mega club XS. XS became the best club in USA, then Surrender followed being a pool party during the day called Encore Beach Club, and hot club at night. The closest competitor of XS is undoubtly is TAO, it is the most successful nightclub for a long time

Nightclubs Las Vegas

After the investors spent millions of dollars for the clubs, they had to jack the prices up for the return, if you are a hot girl, you have no problem getting into this mega clubs, just show up and ask to get in for free, they always need hot ladies. But if you have a group of guys, you have problem, the best option for a group of guys is bottle service, which starts from 2K and goes up to 20K depends on the night and club. If you can’t afford it, make sure to get VIP entry, which is also tricky, do not buy any passes from the street, taxi drivers or some unknown website, there are couple of reputable VIP concierge service companies, who have contract with the nightclubs, have their VIP host to escort you straight inside the clubs, Vegas VIP is one of them (1800-VEGASVIP), check out list of nightclubs.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to go to club, there are still great clubs and not as greedy on pricing, for example Palm clubs such as Moon, Ghostbar or Rain, or if you like to watch strip view, club Lavo is another affordable option. No matter what club you choose, you should have at least one hundred dollars budget for a night out in Las Vegas, and of course sky is the limit when you order a bottle of Cristal which cost 25K at some clubs.

Las Vegas Nightlife

Did you know world’s most expensive nightclub is in Las Vegas? 100 million dollars XS Las Vegas is located 3 billion dollar hotel casino Wynn Las Vegas. Even XS Nightclub soon will have tough competitors such as Haze Nightclub inside the 10 billion dollar City Center Project. The new level Las Vegas nightlife has all started with Rain and Pure nightclub, and then Tao and Tryst followed. Now XS, Haze, Eve and Vanity clubs will be dominating the future Las Vegas Nightlife scene. Pricing for the clubs went parallel to the cost, $200 average bottle service price went up to $800 with minimum of 1 bottle per 3 person is the minimum requirement on the high end clubs. These nightclubs are hot spots for celebs and super rich people, therefore it became unaffordable by public, and you either stuck at the door or can’t afford to pay for bottle service. Good thing there are other options for the clubbers to get these services for less, If you call a company, one of their Vegas nightlife specialist will build a custom nightlife package for you, but 99% companies in Vegas not even licensed or legit, be very careful. Look through their website and if they are one of the a few who are legit, they should have contract with the clubs where you will get amazing deals going thru with them, they will also assign you a VIP host for the night. If you love to see celebrities then your best bet is either Tao or Pure nightclub, Paris Hilton shows up these clubs very often as well as other celebs. Palms Hotel offers great nightlife services too, and their nightclubs are affordable comparing to ones at Wynn Resort, beside Rain nightclub, you can see the Vegas from top by visiting their ultra lounge Moon, playboy club or Ghostbar. If you are staying at Mandalay bay, MIX is a nice venue for those who like to enjoy conversation and watch Vegas from different angle and take some pictures. Nightlife in Vegas getting better and better so the prices are going up but there is a venue for any budget. But soon all these expensive clubs will calm down their bottle prices because of the bad economy and numerous clubs, there are way too many clubs in Las Vegas now so hopefully with the city center add-on Las Vegas Nightlife will get cheaper.