VooDoo Lounge Las Vegas

VooDoo Nightclub is factually the home pure for enchantment. A two-story fancied venue builds this club as one of the coolest clubs in Las Vegas which happens to have one of the finest panoramas to go along with it. Coupled with several grand cocktails, good-looking dancers and several top-notch DJs, the VooDoo Nightclub has the wonderful blend. Moreover, VooDoo Lounge isn’t inevitably concerning dolls and head dwindling, however, allow your inquisitiveness capture you inside and in some way Voodoo will make you crave further. Conceivably it’s that VooDoo Nightclub is situated 51 stories up at the Rio hotel, which provides itself to several of the unsurpassed Terrazzo scenes in Vegas. Then there’s as well the gigantic 40,000 pound stairway that had to be air-raised to the crest of the hotel which provides you two floors of festivity act.

Voodoo Lounge Las Vegas

Inside, there is no distinct dance ground so that makes the whole thing a great even entertainment. Dance on the tables, booths, chairs and even the trace of a pavement if you desire it all, includes to the excitement. You should use the glass elevator to take you to the 51st floor of the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino which is an evenly electrifying component of the VooDoo Nightclub encounter. Once you formulate your way to the peak, you will cross a tempting and alluring foyer festooned with witch-designed masquerades and canvas. The saloon within is home to several of the humanity’s greatest finesse bartenders. They will execute tricks for guests all night long; for instance, pouring shots while harmonizing manifold dishware on their heads. The bartenders are already a show in themselves. The other forms of live amusement existing are the VooDoo doll go-go dancers who will quiver their way up the meandering stairway that overlooks beyond the Strip. You are roughly predestined to glimpse the trendy and voguish youthful partygoers grooving out on the veranda and occasionally even on top of the furniture. Be certain to get benefit of one of their many VIP packages and low VooDoo Nightclub Las Vegas bottle service charges.

Club Voodoo Vegas

You can party till you drop during Fridays to Wednesdays from 9:00 pm, and every Thursdays from 10:00 pm. And the lounge is open daily at 5:00 pm. Payments are accepted in cash and other major credit cards. Be astounded with the Resident DJs in the house such as Jeff G, DJ Scotty Boy, CB Shaw and Mike Toast, playing different genres like the hip-hop, Top 40, and dance music. In the club, you have to dress to make an impression. There should be white t-shirts, baggy pants, no hats, flip flops, tank tops, sandals, shorts, white tennis shoes and athletic or gym wear of whichever type. Therefore, regardless of what the motive is, VooDoo Nightclub is an eye-catching corner for club goers of any age group and it is one of the sexiest and hottest places in town to glimpse and witness, so be definite to enter the line early!

Voodoo Lounge Rio