Vanity Las Vegas

Vanity is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 10:30pm until 4am

14,000 square feet, 60 VIP booths, Terrace overlooking Hard Rock Beach Club

Locals free on Sundays. Table service starts at $500. Proper attire is required for entry.

Of all the seven deadly sins, some may lean towards Lust or Greed as being their favorites. Reasonably so, both of those provide the most pleasures out of life, typically with little negativity stemming from them. In Las Vegas, where the 7 deadly sins take up permanent residence, there is one that has the potential to stand out amongst its more popular brethren. When it comes to idolizing oneself, Las Vegas has that covered in one location that continuously brings in a heft crowd of people night after night. At Hard Rock Hotel, the best way to take overt pride in yourself is by attending the resort’s hot nightclub, Vanity.

Vanity Nightclub

The name of the nightclub is fitting, seeing as how it was designed by an individual who simply goes by the moniker “Mr. Important”. Coming in at approximately 14,000-square feet, Vanity houses just enough space to accommodate the nightly party that erupts inside. The dance floor is an expansive space overlooked by a rather impressive display. Adorned with 20,000 crystals, each lit by individual LED lights, the beauty of this cyclone chandelier draws attention to the crowd dancing below it, ensuring that all eyes remain on the focal point of the nightclub’s party. Patrons can dance the night away as they bask in the glow given off by this top notch exhibit of craftsmanship.

On the dance floor you’ll be treated to an array of music as presented by the club’s resident or celebrity DJ. Here, you’ll be mixed with a vast crowd of individuals all looking for the same exact thing – a great time. Be sure to stop every so often and get a drink from the clubs bar to ensure you don’t overheat, because the party at Vanity is one of the hottest on the Strip.

Anyone with a need for attention or that fits the true nature of the club and feels they should be showcasing their vast talents can take a stance on one of the elevated platforms that rest directly in front of the DJ booth. As you put your best dance moves on display, you’ll feel the eyes fall upon you and, depending on just how much of a tight fit this nightclub’s name is for you, you will find yourself in complete glory.

Vanity Las Vegas

The nightclub Vanity is about a lot more then just taking extreme pride in your dancing abilities. Though the dance floor provides a plethora of entertainment, some people simply find enjoyment in some light conversation with a drink in hand. Located directly past the clubs main bar is an outdoor sitting area where guests can kick back and enjoy the clean desert air. On those chillier nights, you can take refuge in one of the areas cabanas or park yourself right next to continuously burning fire.

If there’s one thing that Vanity makes clear, it’s that you are the most important thing in the club. For the nightclub itself, though, there are many different “you”, so it is sure to cater to as many different people as humanly possible. Don’t get caught in a nightclub where the club is vainer than you; stick with vanity and find yourself as the center of the establishment’s attention.

Vanity Nightclub Las Vegas