Deuce Lounge Las Vegas

Hours of operation: Mon-Sun: 5pm-4am

Aria Resort and Casino: 3730 S. Las Vegas, Blvd. | Las Vegas, NV 89109

2,930 square feet
Occupancy for 181 people
Appetizers served until 10pm
State of the art sound system by Avalon Sound
Full service bar
Two plasma flat screens
Six gaming tables
DJ services

The Deuce Lounge Nightclub in Las Vegas can be tracked down at the main casino ground becomes a revitalizing destination blending up the basics of a trendy living room with high-boundary gaming, generating a cozy nightlife feeling. Well-made by the renowned Franklin Studios, the place will attract its patrons to aim for their fortune on the several blackjack counters, approximately around the room at the same time, benefits from drinks from an imaginative list of options, constructing a substitute gaming panorama to that of the flurry casino floor. The lounge also will bring out innumerable HD smooth flat monitor TVs for club goers to stare at nightfall sporting events whilst getting pleasure from hors d’oeuvres.

Deuce Las Vegas

The mash up of a gambling and disco club makes the Deuce Lounge a matchless saloon that renders you the greatest of both worlds. One of the primary stuffs you will ever become aware of is the well-known mug of Christopher Walken. The Deuce Lounge Nightclub has made two things that make Las Vegas true to its name, and definitely lay them in a single position. The Deuce Lounge club was planned to be a spot where you can stopover for five minutes or even until five hours. Stuck between the slipshod atmosphere and the betting tables on each part, surely when you hang about at The Deuce Lounge, it won’t frustrate you at all. Welcome to the Deuce Lounge Nightclub at City Center! Mr. Walken will set an eye on your night. The Deuce Lounge proffers a modish and downy setting that captivates costumer’s notice and encourages them to loosen up and enjoy the pleasure from traditional drinks harmonized with an incomparable intensity of service. During the twilight, the room shifts to present a warm feeling somewhere patrons can intermingle and at the same time, as drinking down superb libations. The Deuce Lounge provides an innovative carte du jour, checking out sample of modern-day American fee. Throughout the daytime, club goers can actually enjoy the full-size amusement on prominent plasmas or merely just gaze elsewhere and people look after the busy casino floor. Situated in the hub of Aria, the Deuce Lounge gives the ease of gaming to further augment the event. Contained by curtains and windowpanes that kicks off to allow the liveliness from the casino gush in as well, the Deuce Lounge appears a type of serenely stylish that could be nerve-racking, but in fact isn’t.

Deuce Lounge Las Vegas

The club is widely open at 5:00 pm to midnight at Sunday to Thursday and from 5:00 pm until 1:00 am every Friday to Saturday. Payment is accepted via cash and all major credit cards. Reservations unquestionably suggested for tables. Attires should be trendy nightlife apparel. You won’t fail to notice a distinct home run or smash, however, you will be somewhere way fussy than your living room. The Deuce Nightclub is a splendid area to drop by for a thirst-quencher or hit the big time entire night affair. What are you waiting for? Grip down a cocktail and thump in the tables or simply parlay by the saloon and seize the action on the TV displays.