CatHouse Las Vegas

Location: 3900 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89119

Hours:10:30pm – 4:00am

Days Open: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,

Age Restrictions: No one Under 21 allowed

Scream out the loudest ‘meow’ as you enter the first-class club in Las Vegas, the CatHouse Nightclub. It is one of the newest Las Vegas discoveries that provide voguish banquet and cabaret nightlife completely in one. CatHouse Nightclub offers both dining and nightlife in the same way with a concentration on sexiness and classiness. The magnificence of CatHouse rests in its entire allurement. Subsequently, the exquisiteness of CatHouse furthermore lies in its genuine asset. CatHouse keeps close at hand four “Coquettes,” who are eye-catching and meagerly dressed lingerie in the club, maintaining the guests’ high energy level. To actually appreciate what CatHouse can achieve for you, you need to see the entire picture. The loungem, stimulated by the prosperous lavishness of a 19th century European bordello, this CatHouse Nightclub was produced by an intercontinental group which embraces the European jet-setters, melodramatic producers, Australian pop idols and one of Sin City’s most well-liked chefs.


Interactive theatric in the appearance of bizarre clothed, proficiently qualified entertainers mean surprise is compulsory for each and every party-goer. In no way restricted to any one arena or spot, CatHouse loungerie is the picture of existing, living theater, exclusive of the scarlet blind unraveling performer from viewers. Icon Chef Kerry Simon provides up to the minute tapas serving dishes for sharing in addition to loads of other rooster, steak and seafood dishes for customers to take pleasure in before a bistro develops into a loungerie nightspot. There are shades of white and black historic photographs titivating the walls that were noticeably titillating and risqué back in the day and regardless of these days wide-ranging span of tolerable vulgarity still remains nowadays. People from ages ago are posing for pictures wearing sexy outfits as days gone by. Iron corsets are slipped unto exhibit of boxes all throughout the party place.

As you toddle up to the CatHouse Nightclub, there is a vast lit mark and flooring to ceiling French doors opening and welcoming you to join the wild party. A twisted foyer, which in fact guides to the comfort rooms, is lined with doors and apparently unlock to the rooms of the brothel. In a testimony to the victorious implementation of the bordello atmosphere, BillyCross, the owner of the club alleged that people frequently try to unlock the doors which don’t really open. Furthermore in that lobby is an extra touch that distinguishes numerous traffic; a CatHouse snapshot cubicle for making yourself a remembrance. DJs typically spin house, eclectic dance mixes juxtapose rhythmic flavor, at the same time as Coquettes dance on a raised display place. With a mid week bottle service, CatHouse presents a break for every person to encounter a Vegas nightspot akin to a superstar. From Jaegermeister to hookah service, champagne to vodka, the bottle service at CatHouse is certain to be an absurd feeling that you will not quickly forget.

CatHouse Nightclub is located inside Luxor which opens every Mondays and Wednesdays to Saturdays from 10:30 pm to 4:00 am. Payments are acceptable through cash and all major credit cards. Table reservations are recommended prior to heading to the club. All partygoers are required to wear stylish nightlife garments. And just in case you hadn’t figured it out yet, the CatHouse Nightclub does, indeed, represents in the crowds, which conveys things back to keeping you out of other house.