Gaming a Girl | Las Vegas Nightclubs

Gaming a Girl | Las Vegas Nightclubs


August 5th, 2012


Intrigue – without it, being a Pick-Up Artist would be near impossible. When it comes down to getting a girl interested in you, the ability to keep her intrigued will be your greatest friend. While you may not feel like you’re the most interesting person outside of your Pick-Up Artist persona, it’s important to not let that knowledge even seep out a tiny bit. When you’re out there trying to get your game on, there’s one very important thing you need to keep in mind – be yourself only if you’re as intriguing as any false personality you can create.

Girl’s are rumored to be complex creatures, but this is a falsity that could easily be squashed the next time you interact with one. When you engage in conversation with your lady of choice, you’re going to come to realize that, while you may feel intimidated by her presence, there’s nothing to fear. The only thing you need to remember to do is lay on a intriguing persona as thick as possible. You can accomplish this in various different methods.

First off, you can take on an assortment of diversionary tactics. When she asks you a question, direct her attention to something completely different, leaving her intrigued by what you may have to hide. Use push-asides such as “That’s for another conversation” and leave her questioning what it is you’re not being forward about. On top of driving her crazy with anticipation, she’ll be attracted to the mystique that you’re putting forth.

Second, though you may not want to lie about who you are, you don’t have to be the most forthcoming about certain aspects of your life. If you’re generally a book nerd, you don’t want to come forth and explain, in detail, the problems you’ve found in J. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Stick to things that you know girls find sexy and attractive, but don’t completely loose sight of yourself. Give her a hint of what you are, but than hide it with the routine you’ve decided to go with for that evening.

If you can get your girl to the point where she’s interested in every word you say, you may be able to break more into who you really are, but gaming a girl is a tactic that only the most trained of artists should take on. It’s very easy to turn off a girl by coming off the wrong way, and you can easily loose her interest and intrigue just as quickly as you gained it.

Once you get the woman intrigued by you and your presence, you’ll guarantee that she’ll stay by your side until you’ve accomplished what you wanted with her. Keep them interested in both the things you say and the things you’re keeping from her. Don’t divulge everything and be picky about what questions of hers you’re going to answer. If you’re too forthcoming, you risk saying or doing the wrong thing. Check out sites like (by celebrity James Matador) or PUA Lingo (Online encyclopedia and PUA terms) to learn techniques how to game a girl.

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