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Compare Vegas Costa Rica Dallas

Compare Vegas Costa Rica Dallas


June 13th, 2012


When it’s time to decide on a location to party in, the decision may be a difficult one. If you’re stuck in a somewhat boring city, most other metropolitan areas will seem like a theme park. Sometimes its best to look to the west, at the desert city of Las Vegas, where the girls are barely clothed and the weather always welcomes a hot party. Or, maybe, you’ll enjoy the Deep South’s motto of “everything’s bigger in the south”. In Dallas, you’ll be treated to some high end parties without having to watch your wallet shrink down to nothing. There’s always a different country, of course. It may not seem like the best place to travel to, but Costa Rica’s tourist side is one of the hottest party spots in the world. With large, rentable mansions that can house up to twenty individuals to the chance to party ocean side on a white, sandy beach, Costa Rica is a hot location for those that thoroughly enjoy a party.

If you’re looking for a party that relies heavily on great atmosphere, plenty of liquor, and music to move to, then you can trust your evening in the hands of any of these 3 great locations. From the abundance of nightclubs to an assortment of welcoming strip clubs, both Dallas and Las Vegas are the perfect locations for a little club hopping. Bounce from one venue to the next as you sample the vast array of varying musical tastes, décor, and guest list. No matter where you wind up, though, you’ll be treated with some of the largest parties you will ever experience. Alcohol will seemingly flow freely as the night wears on and you find yourself mesmerized by the club’s musical choices.

Differing only slightly from Las Vegas and Dallas, Costa Rica’s party scene, while certainly found more inland as well, mostly takes place in the vicinity of the nearby ocean waters. Whether actually on one of the country’s sandy beaches or in an establishment that resides fairly close to, a party in Costa Rica is just as wild as one in the great desert city or in the Big D. Experience the nightly tropical air as you get down with locals and tourists alike to a mix of music both typical and foreign to many nightclubs around the world.

No matter which location you may find yourself partying in, you’re going to wind up having the party of your life. Your fellow gorgeous patrons will give you plenty to ogle as the bartender keeps handing you his best mix of liquor. The music will get your body moving and, in the long run, you will succumb to the party going on around you. From nightclubs to strip clubs, you’ll find the best of the world at any one of these three locations, each one offering only the slightest bit of variation when it comes to the overall nightlife.

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