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Chippendales in Miami

Chippendales in Miami


December 12th, 2013



What do Miami, a bow tie, and hot toned men have in common? They’re all a part of the big news that the Chippendales production has – the world famous male revue will be making its way to the great city of Miami, FL. You heard right. The bachelorette friendly show that has been swooning ladies since the 1970’s is making its way to the Sunshine State. This short term production will feature the same class and showmanship as its Las Vegas counterpart and will run for a 3-week period starting on January 9th of 2014.

The venue that would been selected to house Chippendales must be lady friendly and should carry with it a smidgen of opulence. Those behind the Miami production landed their sights on Miami’s Mansion Nightclub for the short run, and the choice couldn’t be any more perfect. The club’s look and feel is inviting and the energy is at a constant high. The establishment’s resident DJs fuel the party on a nightly basis, filtering its crowd of people onto the dance floor with ease.


The combo of revue and nightclub is ideal for the ladies who are organizing their bachelorette party in Miami click here for Chippendales’ Miami bachelorette page, providing them a well rounded experience offered by no other venue in the city. Ladies looking for an all night affair can go for Mansion Nightclub’s VIP experience before ogling the hunky men of Chippendales. Throughout the show, these entertaining men may pull a lucky lady or two up on stage for a show that is more up-close and personal than one would expect.

Chippendales entertains not through innovation or flashy lights, but through a coupling of rehearsed choreography, gorgeous men, and intriguing “scenes”. The men of Chippendales will don a variety of costumes, including the unforgettable fireman, police officer, and construction worker garb. To a tantalizing beat, the uniforms come off, fulfilling the fantasies of every girl in the audience. One after the other, the show is a relentless string of sexually charged energy that may will undoubtedly drive the crowd wild.

Miami may already be known for its extensive entertainment, but the city has no idea what’s hitting them when Chippendales comes to town. The Mansion Nightclub will play host to the hottest performance in, heck, the entire state of Florida. Once Chippendales comes to town, it’s possible that the city will never be the same again.

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